Things Go Horribly Wrong When Alexa Misunderstands A Toddler’s Innocent Request

It seems like just about everybody got an Amazon Echo Dot as a holiday gift this year, and for good reason! At just $49.99, the Echo Dot is a convenient, hands free gadget that can play music, control smart appliances in your home, provide traffic and weather information, read you the news, call an Uber… Heck, it can even help solve your murder should you be killed in your home. It does just about everything!

One of the less marketed features that Amazon promotes however is that it can also corrupt your children! Horribly, horribly corrupt them. That’s what the family in the above video learned the hard way when their precious, red-headed child innocently asked the Echo Dot to play something that neither I, or Alexa apparently, could quite make out. “Digger Digger?” “Tigger Tigger,” as one Redditor suggested?

Regardless, it doesn’t really matter what the kid was asking for, because it’s pretty damn clear what Alexa heard — as you can tell by the mother’s increasingly frantic cries of “no, no, NO!” when the result is read. (And if anyone is wondering, that is actually a track which can be found on Spotify, if this NSFW track listing is any indication.)

(Via Reddit)