Prostitute Pleads Guilty To Killing Google X Executive And Gets Six Years In Prison

05.20.15 4 years ago 11 Comments

Prostitute Alix Tichelman was sentenced to six years in prison, with credit for time served, after pleading guilty to killing Google X executive Forrest Timothy Hayes in 2013. After finding Hayes on a “sugar daddy” web site “SeekingArrangement” and going on a few dates, Tichelman injected him with a lethal dose of heroin while on a yacht.

According to SFist, Tichelman pled guilty to the felony counts of “involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs” and was caught on the yacht’s security camera — installed by Hayes — injecting Hayes, who then clutched his chest and collapsed. Tichelman then tried to revive him, then left with a glass of white wine after tidying up a bit. Soooo, there were very few questions to be answered as far as that goes.

However, more questions were raised when it was discovered that an old flame of Tichelman’s had died in a similar manner, so that case is now being reopened. On top of that, there’s an older case involving another Tichelman ex and another heroin overdose.

Despite all the attention, we still don’t know exactly what Google X is about, but no one here is brave enough to ask Tichelman, so… Research. We’ll just say research.

Source: Death and Taxes

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