All Cars Should Come Equipped With This Amazing Waving Nicolas Cage Decal

A car that runs not on gas but love would be nice, but what the automobile industry should be focused on is adding a Waving Nicolas Cage Decal to the windows of every vehicle in America, nay, the WORLD. How it wasn’t on The Homer, I have no idea. The clever Bangkok Dangerous fan (as if there’s any other kind of Bangkok Dangerous fan) behind the idea is Redditor senekafalls, who says, “It’s printed on 70/30 transparency, you actually can see right through it from the inside. Yes I have checked the laws in my state and it IS legal to have this.”

It’s no “my other car is a Millennium Falcon,” but it’s still pretty great. Th-th-th-that’s Cage, folks!

Reddit via Death & Taxes