All The Bodybuilding Bros Are Pissed At This Pimply Teen For Hanging Out With Babes

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08.22.13 32 Comments

body building bro enemy

Anyone who can make guys with names like Juiced-Up Jerry and “CaliKingBrah” jealous is a hero in my book. Now, I’m not saying Christopher Scott deserves a Nobel Prize or anything, but can we at least all agree to chip in a few bucks and buy him a trophy in the shape of some breasts.

According to the Daily Dot, Scott pissed off’s forum this week, when someone discovered the recent high school graduate’s Facebook page, a page incidentally that is filled with photos of him posing with not-unattractive ladies.

A common response: “He must be gay…and then the girls are like OMG I CAN KISS A GAY GUY AND IT’S OK BECAUSE HE’S GAY LOLOLOL.” Or better yet, “This guy probably has a great alcohol connection so he helps out all these underage girls with their alcohol needs.” It’s like he’s the human version of a Mike’s Hard Lemonade!







pimply kid

Another reason why the ladies love him:


Good job, kid.


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