All The Cool Japanese Schoolgirls Are Recreating The Kamehameha Attack From ‘Dragon Ball’

Even if you didn’t while away the hours in middle school (or, no shame, college) by watching episode after episode of Dragon Ball while the world happened outside, you probably know what the “Kamehameha” attack looks like, even if you don’t realize it. “Kamehameha” is just another way of saying a big ass ball of energy shoots out of a person’s hands. I’ll give you a moment to practice doing it while no one’s looking…Welcome back.

Anyway, because the pose looks cool, fans of the anime series have been replicating it for years, but it’s recently skyrocketed in popularity, now that cameras have evolved beyond Polaroids. According to Kotaku, “Numerous Japanese teens are uploading photos of themselves doing the Kamehameha attack…Many of the photos were uploaded to Twitter within the last week or so. On Twitter, Japanese teens are saying that this is how they’ve recently been goofing off with friends.” Here are some of the best examples.

(Via Kotaku)