Watch This Horse Deliver A Can Of Whoop Ass To A Huge Alligator Just Because It Can

A group of visitors to Paynes Prairie Preserve state park in Central Florida were treated to quite the show earlier this week when they came upon a small herd of peacefully grazing Florida Cracker horses known to inhabit the park, while a gigantic alligator rested nearby. Thankfully at least one person witnessing had their camera ready just in case some insane horse-alligator shenanigans were about to go down, and go down they did!

Typically, alligators are probably not stupid enough to go after A) a single horse in a herd on B) dry land and it likely would not have been a threat (I mean its not even looking at them). But the horse closest to the alligator had a “NOT TODAY, SATAN” moment anyway, and went right the hell after it.

As you can see in the clip, this did not go great for the alligator, which was clearly not prepared for the attack in the first place. While it did manage to get one chomp in to the horse’s leg, overall it gets thoroughly trounced by a creature that weighs 750 to 1,000 pounds, according to Wikipedia.

Or as one YouTube commenter notes in response to the person at the end of the video who asks if the alligator is okay, “Yes, completely fine just some internal bleeding in the abdomen and head from getting curbed stomped by a 500kg stallion.” So yeah, probably just fine!