Alyssa Milano Made A Joke About Breastfeeding, And The Internet Didn’t Understand

This may shock you but the internet, specifically those on social media, have strong opinions on breastfeeding.

Over Labor Day weekend, actress Alyssa Milano posted a throwback photo to Instagram. The photo showed her nursing newborn daughter in a hospital room one year ago.

“Happy Birthday, my beautiful Elizabella. You’ve taught me that my heart has no end. You were the missing piece to my soul. Thank you for choosing me.”

OK, no biggie. Milano has long been a strong advocate of breastfeeding. Back in October, after fans scolded her for posting a pic, she said: “Wait! I don’t get it. No disrespect to Kim but… people are offended by my breastfeeding selfies & are fine with her (amazing) booty cover?”

An astute observation, and for awhile the haters went their merry way. But then Milano joked in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she would breastfeed her child until she was six.

Oops. Doesn’t Alyssa know about jokes on the internet? They don’t work unless they’re spelled out for the dummies.

That of course led to some amusing reactions.

Um, I think you mean Lady Godiva but duly noted.

Well, at least they’re honest.

Aww, he’s sweet and perverted. Watch out ladies.

Really, udders? Is that what we’re doing now?