Alyssa Milano Took Breastfeeding To Superhero Proportions In A Wonder Woman Costume

Alyssa Milano shook things up on the Internet by ringing in the Halloween weekend with a breastfeeding photo. The year is 2015, but people still lose their minds over the incredibly common (and completely natural) process of breastfeeding. Women have been doing their thing for thousands of years, and people are still freaked out by the fact that boobs exist and serve both an aesthetic and practical function. Even current GOP candidate Donald Trump is out there shouting about the “disgraceful” act, which wimmens should be ashamed of doing in front of his very eyes.

Milano herself is a breastfeeding crusader. Earlier this year, she spoke out against Heathrow airport after they confiscated her pumped milk. She doesn’t quite understand why Kim Kardashian’s bare-butt magazine covers are more acceptable that breastfeeding photos. And finally, she shared a breastfeeding joke that the Internet just doesn’t understand. So this newest Instagram photo is not out of character at all. Wonder Woman would be proud.

Also, a little reminder that Alyssa is a huge sports fan won’t hurt matters.

Milano had another set of family-related costumes to share as well, although these likely won’t make as much of a splash as breastfeeding Wonder Woman.