Amazing Knitting Machine Hack Makes Ultimate Cosby Sweater For Bill Cosby

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Artist and craftsman Andrew Salomone has amazingly hacked a vintage 80’s knitting machine to essentially print knitted garments from a 1 bit bitmap image file and of course the only thing anyone cares about is making Bill Cosby tribute sweaters. Including Andrew Salomone himself, who — based on his appeal to Cosby at the end of this video demonstration and his previous fascination with Cosby — I can only assume built the entire contraption in attempt to get Bill Cosby to wear his meta Cosby sweater creation (1:25). I approve wholeheartedly.

Now it’s up to the internet to make this happen. I expect to see a photo of Salomone and Cosby, both in the meta Cosby sweater, before the October is up. From there Salomone can get to work on making this a reality…

Craftzine via Buzzfeed. GIF via Holyloly.

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