Amazing Prank Turns A Nirvana Fan's Bedroom Completely Pink

It began the way all wars do, with a younger brother in Holland messing with his older brother’s Facebook page. Rather than strike back online, the older brother thought outside the box-shaped computer, and came up with a brilliant way to get his revenge: redecorate and repaint his sibling’s bedroom into a “little girls room.”

And film the entire thing. Down came the Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and Metallica posters, and up went Twilight and Justin Bieber merchandise and a whole lot of pink. Like, A LOT of pink, the amount of pink that would a Claire’s employee faint from sensory overload. Also: dolphins. The only way it could have turned out better is if the younger bro had brought back a girl. Then again, he’s a Metallica fan.

(Via HyperVocal)