“Amazing Spider-Man” Toys Accidentally Reveal a Plot Point?

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01.02.12 2 Comments

We all know that even though comic book movies have become much more serious and respected, there will still be lots of ridiculous toys, and with those ridiculous toys will come spoilers.

And the Amazing Spider-Man toy leaks may have just dropped a doozy of a plot point.

Because some people will complain about spoilers, no matter how minor, and this one is pretty major, we’re putting it under the jump. So, if you’d rather enter the movie with a pristine mind, simply stare at the attractive and detailed off-roading vehicles at right.

OK, now that we’ve gotten rid of the lightweights, a playset features a “S.W.A.T. Lizard”, which implies that Curt Connors’ cold-hating alter ego finally pulls off something he’s been trying to do in the comics for years: namely, turn a whole bunch of New Yorkers into scaly, fork-tongued reptiles.

We’re a bit skeptical that might happen, but it seems a Hollywoodesque plot point. We’ll see what Marc Webb has up his sleeve come summer.

[ via the squishy humans at Comics Alliance ]

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