American Eagle’s New Ad Campaign Promises Only Real Girls As Models

American Eagle Outfitters bills itself as a company that sells high-quality clothing for men and women at affordable prices, which means that it’s in the middle of one of the most competitive industries on the planet. Naturally, when you’re fighting to remain relevant in a market with ever-changing trends, fads and styles, you’re going to need any extra edge and advantage that you can get when it comes to word of mouth and free advertising. American Eagle seems to have done that quite well this week with the announcement of its new #AERIEREAL campaign that will feature only real girls as models and no more Photoshopping or supermodels.

The purpose of this ad campaign is to appeal more to girls of all different sizes, specifically when it comes to bras and underwear. The company’s new bra guide not only offers girls help from specialists in stores, but it allows them to choose from photos of models that are potentially similar in size when making online purchases, as was explained on Good Morning America earlier this week.

The company has also posted this special message to its site to explain the new changes to the models that customers have grown accustomed to.