"Among the Sleep" Is Survival Horror…Experienced By a Toddler

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05.31.12 2 Comments

We often gripe about originality on here, so far be it from us not to showcase a game that’s got, if nothing else, one hell of a concept: it’s a first person survival horror game…and you play a two-year-old.

“Among the Sleep” is being developed by Norwegian game studio Krillbite, and despite using language like “interactive experience”, we’re still pretty excited for it. The story of a toddler waking up in the middle of the night and discovering the monsters he’s scared of are quite possibly real and out to get him is both a classic and a nice twist on the usual survival horror tropes. The screen at right gives you an idea of how the game will play: notice how low to the ground the perspective is.

Check out the trailer under the jump; the game will be along for PC and Mac in 2013.

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