Cord Snaps On A Catapult Amusement Ride Just Before Takeoff

Amusement park rides are fun because they give us a feeling of danger in a supposedly safe environment. It’s hard to think in such a carefree setting you could potentially be harmed. That’s almost what happened, though, in this (NSFW language) YouTube video.

In the clip, two teenagers are seen being strapped into a ride called the catapult at the Olympus Theme Park and Resort in Wisconsin. The idea of the ride is to lock riders into a cage-like seat that’s attached to bungee cords on either side, and fling them high into the air.

Shortly after the kids are secured, the attendant is seen applying tension to the cords. While this is happening, one of the parents jokingly says, “The ropes are lookin’ a little frayed!” Just seconds later, as the the ride is about to be released, one of the cords violently snap, slamming into the pavement next to one of the young riders. You can hear the shocked reaction of the crowd, as everyone realizes what had just occurred. Luckily, though, everyone ended up being alright.

I would say the lesson from this video is to never do anything, ever.

(Via WISN, Reddit)