Amy Adams Discussed Making Out With Jennifer Lawrence, For Those Of You Interested In That Sort Of Thing

You’d look like Christian Bale if you were sandwiched between Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams, too, except for the part where you don’t look like Christian Bale. Anyway, as middle-aged men with bald spots not in New York and Los Angeles anxiously wait for American Hustle to make comb-overs fashionable, the film’s stars have been discussing the 1970s, butt-slapping, and that time Adams and J-Law had to kiss. Being a movie star is tough.

Amy Adams, Lawrence’s co-star in the upcoming movie American Hustle, shares a kiss with the 23-year-old blonde on screen. ExtraTv caught up with Adams yesterday and got to hear first hand what that was like.

“She does a great job at it,” Adams, 39, said. “She has very soft lips. She’s a really awesome woman…Everyone’s chemistry is so electric in this, and even the friendship chemistry between Christian and Jeremy [Renner]’s character, the volatile energy between Jennifer and I, it almost borderlines on intimacy because it’s just so immediate, so there. (Via)

Producers really should have gone with American Hustle‘s original title, The Movie with the Hair and Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence Kissing. ALL the Oscars.

(via Getty Image, via Huffington Post)