Amy Manson May Be The Next To Sport Wonder Woman’s Patriotic One-Piece

Will Wonder Woman ever get another television series? Yes, probably, because boobs and uh, female empowerment and stuff. After NBC failed to bring double-W to the small screen, the CW took up the torch with Amazon, a Smallville-like take that focuses on a young Wonder Woman before she dons her starry underpants.

While a pilot hasn’t officially been ordered, a script has been written by former Wonder Woman comic scribe Allan Heinberg, and casting has begun. So far the front-runner is Amy Manson, the Scottish lass pictured above.

Seems like an okay choice. She’s got the proper curly hair at least, but how about someone a little more athletic? Yeah, we all liked all 90-pounds of Lynda Carter, but maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

via DC Women Kicking Ass