Amy Schumer Fires Back After Being Labeled ‘Plus Size’ By ‘Glamour’ Magazine

Glamour recently issued the magazine’s first “plus-sized” issue ever, in collaboration with plus-sized clothing retailer Lane Bryant and featuring cover model Ashley Graham. Also on the cover is a list of ostensibly “plus-sized” women who are said to be an inspiration, including Graham, Melissa McCarthy, Adele, and Amy Schumer.

Uh, hold the phone? Is Amy Schumer curvier than the average sub-size two actress or model? Sure. Is she plus-sized? Not… exactly. So, suffice to say, Schumer was not thrilled with the classification, and went to Twitter to solicit thoughts. Of course, the big issue at hand here is not about Schumer feeling personally offended, but what the commentary says to society in general.

She was soon backed up by Elite Daily, which took similar umbrage with the insinuation:

Predictably, Twitter was quick to respond, with Schumer retweeting a few who spoke out against the dangers of labeling women’s bodies:

But in the end, no one said it better than SNL‘s Aidy Bryant:

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