An Escaped Condor At A Hockey Game Is The 'Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Seen'

During an East Coast Hockey League game between the Bakersfield Condors and some team that isn’t named after the largest flying bird in the United States, a real-life condor escaped the grasp of its clumsy trainer during the National Anthem, and proceeded to slip his way across the ice and into the tunnel. Quoth the bird man:

Yeah, sorry guys. The rehearsals were perfect, but during the live spot the bird changed her mind and there was no way to abort. When I tried to carry her back and save the spot, I slipped on the ice and cracked 4 ribs. I got up slow. The bird stared at me and then players came out and she found the nearest exit. So long as the bird is never at risk, it’s okay. This bird has flown in our educational bird shows for 18 years, with little attention. But a 30 second blooper video goes viral. Ugh! (Via)

Mistake number one: not wearing skates on an ice hockey rink. Mistake number two: not hiring this guy.

(Via Clip Nation)

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