An Incredibly Loyal Dog Walked 20 Blocks To The Hospital To Visit Her Owner

It’s a story that’s so ridiculously adorable that people should immediately question its validity, and certainly whether or not this is a viral marketing stunt by Purina or an insurance company. Nancy Franck has been in an Iowa hospital for about two weeks following cancer surgery, and around 1:30 AM last Saturday, her 11-year old miniature Schnauzer Sissy decided that she just had to go see her mom. Sissy reportedly walked 20 blocks to Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, and right through the automatic doors like she knew exactly where she was supposed to be.

According to her husband Dale Franck (via WJLA), Sissy had never been to the hospital before she snuck out for this trip, and while he had taken the dog in his car to drop Nancy off at work near the hospital, he’d never taken the route that the dog presumably took that morning. This was simply the story of an adorable pooch who would stop at nothing to see her owner. Look for it in theaters next year, with Sissy’s voice provided by Drew Barrymore. (Katherine Heigl will play the voice of the evil elevator.)