An Iraq Veteran Returned Home To Discover That His Best Friend Renovated His House

Remember that horrible story about the Colorado man who was serving overseas when he learned that his girlfriend sold his dog on Craigslist? That story really sucked, so let’s take a look at one that doesn’t suck, and is actually really awesome instead. Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo recently retired from the Marine Corps. after 21 years of service, so in January, he and his wife purchased a home in Suisun City, California to settle down in. But until Jacinto and Julie could return from being stationed in Japan, they had asked a friend, Jeremy Epperman, who also served with Jacinto, to keep an eye on their new home.

The problem with the home, though, is that it needed a lot of work, and Jeremy claimed that “no retiring Marine should return to such a mess,” according to KHON News. So in the time that he had before the Bernardos’ return, Jeremy got some volunteers and raised about $70,000 in cash and supplies, thanks to the help of Homecoming Heroes, and they completely renovated Jacinto’s home before he could even think about lifting a hammer on his own. And when Jacinto and Julie came home last Tuesday, they were greeted with a limo and delivered to the surprise of their lives.