Andrew Yang Is Getting Taken To The Danger Zone Over His Political Party Logo That Looks Like Its Straight From The ’80s

After failing to move the needle in both the 2020 Democratic primaries and a run for New York City mayor, Andrew Yang has formed his own political party, and the logo has children of the ’80s doing double takes.

Dubbed “The Forward Party,” Yang hopes to become a viable alternative to America’s current two-party system, which historically, has been an uphill battle with minimal signs of success. However, that’s not stopping Yang from coming out swinging. Although, he should probably hire a new marketing team because the new logo for his Forward Party looks a heck of a lot like the logo for Top Gun. Within moments of its reveal on social media, people were quick to point out this hilarious similarity.

But the Top Gun jokes weren’t the only thing flying after the Forward Party logo reveal. Other users picked up some strong G.I. Joe vibes, and they were sure to let Yang know about it.

During a recent interview with The Donlon Report on Friday, Yang cited the growing polarization in America as his reason for starting a new third party. However, he does recognize that his chance of success exist mostly with smaller ballot initiatives instead of aiming directly for the White House as other third parties have tried. More importantly, he feels that something needs to be done before things get out of hand.

“This country is heading towards political violence, that’s real,” Yang said. “And the only way out is for us to have a genuinely more multipolar system where it’s not just two sides, clashing and clashing and getting nothing done.”

How ripping off logos from the ’80s will accomplish that goal remains to be seen, but best of luck.

(Via WJHL)