Watch This Angry Bear Poop — Angrily — After Being Forced Out From Under A Porch

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09.25.15 3 Comments

Earlier this week, I came across this video on Reddit of a couple of guys trying to extract a large, angry brown bear from under a porch, aptly titled “BIG ASS BROWN BEAR UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.” The video is just over 4 minutes long, and I watched a minute or so of the dudes prodding the snorting, huffing bear; but figuring it would just end with the bear eventually hauling ass out from under the porch and out of the backyard, I clicked out of the window and went on with my day.

Fast-forward to today, when I see this headline over at The Daily Dot: “Giant bear poops angrily after being ousted from under porch.” Whoa whoa whoa. Now, no one said anything about the bear pooping. I would have definitely stuck it out for a big, pooping finale.

And sure enough, shortly after the 3-minute mark, after the bear hauls ass out from under the porch and is on its way out of the yard, it stops — looks back at the cameraman — then takes a calm, calculated dump on the homeowner’s property (who correctly exclaims, “oh sh*t!) before resuming its hasty exit.

I guess the moral of the story I’m getting to here, is have more patience in life.

(Via The Daily Dot)

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