Angry Birds Coming To Facebook (and other news)

03.09.11 8 years ago

Angry Birds has already spawned a TV show and an awesome cake and a table game and a console game in development, so it was only a matter of time before Facebook got their paws onto it somehow, like a puppy with an ice cube.  Rovio has announced they’re launching Angry Birds on Facebook in early May.  If my wall starts filling up with requests to send black chickens to people, I’mma do a fly by and drop the frozen turkeys from the sky, death from above all WKRP style ’cause I keeps it real. Like mad Butterball real, gnome sayin’?

Anyway, there are also three videos after the jump.  In the first, Conan O’Brien plays a giant-sized version of the game using IKEA furniture, like ya do.  It seems like an ad for IKEA, and yet all I take away from this is that IKEA furniture will shatter like a liquid-nitrogen-dipped Wesley Snipes if you throw a beach ball at it.

The second video is a mashup of Tron and Angry Birds (but of course).  The last video is a preview of the new St. Patrick’s Day levels for Angry Birds Seasons. Green pigs in jaunty leprechaun hats?  Don’t mind if I do.

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