Angry Birds Plus Green Day Equals One Weird Facebook Game

Senior Contributor

Far be it from me to call Green Day a bunch of sell-outs. They’re talented musicians, if somewhat prone to running around naked, and hey, they’re one of the few bands I listened to in high school to survive and not be doing nostalgia tours. Good for them.

That said, this is pretty ridiculous. As part of the insane full court press to plug their next album, they’ll be showing up as pigs in the Facebook version of Angry Birds.

I wish I were joking. I’m not. Here’s the trailer:

Yes, this is designed entirely to get you to play the game solely to listen to their new single and bring up the second single. Which, well, I guess they’re selling music so good for them.

Still, you have to wonder how this happened. Whose idea was this? The band’s? Rovio’s? Their label’s? And who did they think it was going to appeal to? Granted, I’m thirty, so I’m rapidly headed towards that terrible day when the frontman of a band I loved in high school tries to sell me mutual funds or runs a contest with a colonoscopy as a free prize. But even so, yeesh.

That said the new single isn’t bad. It’s just not worth playing a Facebook game to hear it.

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