‘Angry Birds Transformers’ Gets A Very ’80s Trailer

I freely admit that I was, and still am, profoundly skeptical that Angry Birds Transformers is a great idea. On the other hand, this trailer is not only shockingly ’80s authentic, it’s also hilarious at the same time.

The trailer lays out the basic concept of the game, although we don’t see any gameplay footage, but what’s surprising is how far they’re willing to go to make the concept work. If the music sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because Hasbro actually paid Vince DiCola, the composer for the original Transformers movie, to write a new theme. That’s a fairly impressive level of commitment, right there, and replicating the cheap laser effects from the original series will probably turn out to be a ridiculous amount of work as well.

The game seems to at least be twisting the usual concept, namely that it’s the eggs who need to be put into their place by giving avians severe head trauma this time around, so that’s promising. But if nothing else, at least this trailer is good for a laugh.