Meme Watch: Is Angry Walter Sobchak The Only One Around Here With Super Bowl Fatigue?

Angry Walter Sobchak isn’t exactly brand-spanking new, but I just made the above variation to portray how I feel on the internet every Monday following the Super Bowl, so I figured while I was at it I should go ahead and do a full blown Meme Watch. Clearly I don’t want to cover anything Super Bowl related and Danger already claimed today’s probably only hatchet-wielding hitchhiker story.

So yeah, if you’ve seen The Big Lebowski and know how the internet works (if you answered negative to either you’re needed over in the Yahoo comments section) then the above macro is pretty self-explanatory. Usage has become popular on Reddit and in message board communities for times when one suddenly feels completely out of place amongst those with a seemingly similar interests.

Here are a handful that most of us can identify with in one way or another. Except for the one about sandwiches. Whatever psychopath made that one is on their own.

Sources: Reddit, Know Your Meme, Tumblr