From A Bear Who Catches, To A Jacked Kangaroo: A Celebration Of Animals That Act Like People

Sometimes, there are animals who do human things that either surprise or scare us into believing that, maybe, these creatures know more than they had previously let on. It can be a funny thing to watch animals trying to be us (’cause you know they want to be us so bad) but perhaps it’s time to start considering what these animals are telling us with their weirdly people-like tendencies.

This way too buff kangaroo, for instance, seems like he is straight up challenging how much you lift. On sight. Sup Roo Bro?

These kangaroos in a street fight for it all. Is it about a girl? Did one of them steal the others scratchers? We may never know what is at the heart of this conflict which is very likely still going on in full swing.

This skateboarding dog who’s grinding ’til he can’t any more.

This dolphin, who is fed up with captivity and striking back.

This bear’s next move is to try out for the Big Leagues. FYI, he won’t get cut.

This dog who doesn’t care about your road rage at all, bruh.

This cat is not for all your rules and whatnot.

This dog has a lot to say but not all the words to say it.

These hyenas think something is “really” funny. Like, hilarious. We don’t appreciate it.

Anyway, when you get a chance, have a chat with these animals and find out what their deal is. Because no one knows