Another Hilarious ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Glitch Has Been Found

This glitch is hilarious enough in of itself: If you melee a car using a grenade launcher enough, it will explode. It’s how Vanoss Gaming utilize it as a gameplay mechanic that makes this so hilarious.

Essentially, they play Russian Roulette. Everybody takes turns hitting the car, using the melee attack mind you, until it explodes. And it does explode, no matter what it is:

By all accounts, it only works with the grenade launcher, and how many hits it takes to blow up the car depends on which car it is, what condition it’s in, whether or not it’s armored, and so on. And truthfully, this video goes on for five minutes and never, ever, stops being funny. Leaving aside the inherent absurdity of a car blowing all to hell when you hit it, there’s the ever-mounting pressure as a car refuses to explode. Until suddenly, gloriously, it does. Really, gaming just does not get better than watching a physics system fail and kill your friends.