Another Super Bowl, Another Patriots Cheating Allegation


It just wouldn’t be right for the Patriots to be vying for the championship without the suspicion of wrongdoing surrounding them, so it comes as welcome news that the NFL is investigating whether the Patriots deflated footballs during their AFC Championship victory over the Colts. The reporter breaking the story is already referring to this as DeflateGate, though I think we can give it a more modern spin and call it Ballghazi.

A deflated football could potentially be easier to throw and catch or more difficult, depending on how deflated it is.

Kravitz was told that if a league investigation confirms deflated footballs, it would result in lost draft picks for the Patriots.

Deflating footballs isn’t a new issue in the game of football.

A USC football manager was fired from the team in 2012 after taking the heat for intentionally deflating footballs in a game against Oregon.

Ultimately, it’s not like the NFL is going to invalidate the Patriots victory. When the score is 45-7, it would take an impressive array of cheating to explain that away. But docking draft picks is still nothing to sneeze at. Though given the NFL’s history of investigating the Patriots, it’s likely that Roger Goodell will destroy any evidence before the world has a chance to see it.

It’s also nice that we have the next title in the Gronk erotica series.