Anthony Scaramucci Says His New Endeavor, The Scaramucci Post, Will Be A ‘World Class Experience’

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci revealed some details Wednesday into his mysterious new endeavor, The Scaramucci Post, which he announced on social media earlier this month around the same time he scored guest hosting gigs with TMZ and The View. In a video posted to Twitter, the Mooch — wearing a T-shirt with the project’s logo on it — explains that the Scaramucci Post is going to be a “center lane in a two-way highway,” and that it’s going to be all about moderation, but “our tagline is going to be everything in moderation, including moderation.”

If you’ve got your “thinking face” emoji on, you’re probably not the only one. He continued, elaborating:

The Scaramucci Post is going to be about what is right and wrong in society right now, as opposed to what is left and right. So for us here at the Scaramucci Post, we sort of feel like the pendulum on the clock split and went two ways, so one part of the pendulum is sitting way far on the right and the other part of the pendulum is sitting way far on the left, and it’s left an opportunity to be in the center lane, discussing with the American people what’s going on in this society, and how we can make this society better.

Lofty goals, for sure, of what Scaramucci went on to call a “world-class experience.” But then … then! He goes and does the thing with the sunglasses like he’s David frigging Caruso and suddenly none of the rest of it even matters. Not surprisingly, Twitter had some fun with the Mooch’s announcement, goofing on everything from his sunglasses to his pants to his uncharacteristically subdued temperament.

The Scaramucci Post will be throwing a launch party on Monday, October 2, in which additional details will ostensibly be revealed.