Anti-Spoiler Propaganda Posters Are Simply Delightful

11.18.11 7 years ago

Here at UPROXX we like to snub our noses at the overly sensitive spoiler alert conscious among us whose only gratification in life seems to come from canvasing the internet comments sections and discovering new and exciting ways to get sand in their vaginas. Not only have studies proven that spoiler alerts are utterly useless, but if someone is that concerned about something getting spoiled for them then they can take some accountability and go internet dark until they’ve caught up. Really not that difficult. If I can remember to put pants on 6 out of 7 mornings a week, you can make a conscious effort to avoid finding out Ned Stark gets decapitated well before the end of season one.
So no surprise I enjoyed these “Stop Spoilers” propaganda posts by Bad TV Blog a little too much. I mean, spoiler alert humor AND good ole fashioned sailor jokes? What’s not to like? He’s totally going to give that b the clap for not waiting to watch it with him.
Bad TV Blog via Buzzfeed

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