Any Day Is A Good Day For A Bill Murray Tribute Remix

Since AMC is airing Groundhog Day like 50 times this week based on the promos it was running last night, I think it’s only fitting that we post this Bill Murray tribute remix today.

Here is how to tell if you are at the best party currently happening in America at any given moment: You turn around and there he is, mixing cocktails, cracking jokes, and making everything more awesome! Yeah he crashes normal people parties, yeah he assimilates naturally and perfectly, yeah he is the shit! Bill is a walking, talking memecon -an iconic meme. From SNL to Ghostbusters to Wes Anderson flicks, Murray has, more than just about anyone, had several ages of awesome.

There is, of course no way to summarize the enigma that is Bill Murray in just a few minutes but Eclectic Method offers this tribute Mixtape regardless. All Hail the Almighty Bill! CROSS THE STREAMS!

Obviously, we could not agree more. Enjoy.