Cory Booker Used Twitter To Ask Mindy Kaling On A Date

In what seems like a plotline ripped from a 21st-century romcom, Mindy Kaling was asked out by Sen. Cory Booker over Twitter on Thursday. The conversation between the two began after Booker commented on a “diss” he received courtesy of Kaling’s Hulu show The Mindy Project. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

Kaling has shown on her program she’s not shy about taking some lighthearted shots at people, even directing some at members of Congress. On a recent episode of her Hulu show, Booker was the target of one of these harmless ribs. When Kaling’s character found out Booker attended an event for her colleague, she was miffed, saying “Cory Booker? I can’t believe he came…I guess anything to get out of Newark, huh?”

It was all some harmless fun that Booker seemed to be on board with, tweeting at Kaling he thought it was funny but had to politely disagree about the diss of the city he was once the mayor of.

Kaling tweeted back it’s an honor to get dissed by her character, and she’s a fan of his too. What then unfolded was a pleasant back and forth with the New Jersey senator apparently asking her out on a dinner date.

Even the official Twitter account for New York and New Jersey’s PATH transit system wanted to see the two make good on their date, offering a train schedule.

No word yet if they’re gonna make good on their proposed dinner date, but we can only hope. It’s far better than what most politicians end up getting caught with online.

(Via CNN)