Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Total Recall’ DVD Commentary Is What I’m Thankful For

And so the comedy gods came down to earth and found YouTuber buzzclikverifyme and said to him, “Find your special edition Total Recall DVD, listen to the Arnold Schwarzenegger audio commentary, and from there you shall know what to do.” And so buzzclikverifyme found his special edition Total Recall DVD, listened to the Arnold Schwarzenegger audio commentary, and he did know what to do. He mashed up the best parts of Arnold’s commentary and put the video on YouTube along with this description…

Arnie totally recalls Total Recall… as it’s happening.

I love listening to audio commentaries, because a lot of the time they can give you interesting insights from actors and directors about on what goes on behind the scenes. Other times, such as this, someone will completely miss the purpose of an audio commentary.

I’ve seen some people asking if this is real and I assure you that it is, chopped from my own DVD copy.

I’m usually too busy base jumping or racing Formula One cars to sit down and rewatch a movie with commentary, but in the world I want to live in every Hollywood actor and director understands that DVD commentary is supposed to provide additional color and backstory to a film and not just simple play-by-play narration. Everyone except for Arnold. “Ow. That hurt.”

And in case you’re wondering, the answer is yes — Maske Thanksgiving Day will now consist of turkey, booze, and an Arnold DVD commentary marathon.

YouTube via High Definite.