'Arrested Development' For Netflix Is Not A Myth, Ron Howard Tweeted A Photo Of The Writer's Room

We haven’t received an update on the progress of the new Arrested Development for Netflix since April, and since all AD fans (me included) are the previously jilted lovers of the internet we need constant affirmation so we don’t lose our minds. Personally, I was a little freaked out when Michael Cera appeared on Comedy Bang! Bang! to sing about friendship and pie with Reggie Watts and didn’t seem George Michael-y enough. Get into character, Cera! We’re all depending on you!

Mercifully, producer and narrator Ron Howard shot out the above tweet out last night, accompanied by the below photo, to qualm the fears of his insecure fanbase. Pretty sure that’s the back of Mitch Hurwitz in the photo, and even if it’s not we’re going to pretend it is anyway. And lookie at all those notecards! Serious brain power is going into this! It’s like they actually have a plan and this is really happening. Yay!

Consider this Arrested Development geek pacified for the moment. Fair warning though: in a month I’ll be requesting a photo of the stair car getting an oil change.