Ashton Is No Longer Following Demi On Twitter :(


Here’s a glimpse at the world we live in now: celebrity couples rumored to be breaking up now have people turning to their Twitter accounts for some form of confirmation. Case in point: Radar Online discovered that Ashton Kutcher — rumored to be having an affair with a woman much younger than his current wife — is no longer following said wife, Demi Moore on Twitter. Radar also notes that Demi must have recently unfollowed Ashton, only to re-follow him again, because he’s fairly high up in the list of people she follows, indicating that she only started following him recently.

It feels sort of icky, but social media really does provide a window into people’s lives that didn’t exist before, and that’s just the reality of things. And I suppose it makes sense that THE Twitter power couple would have their Twitter accounts examined forensically for signs of trouble in their marriage. Still, it feels weird. The couple, who in the past have often tweeted out cutesy pics of each other like the one above, have become more philosophical in their tweets of late.

Also, I kind of feel bad about Demi’s Twitter handle if the marriage is indeed toast. Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there: never tie your Twitter handle to things that can fall apart, like relationships or jobs.

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