This Guy’s Tribute To His Real-Life ‘Asian Ron Swanson’ Dad Has Gone Viral

06.18.19 1 month ago


Somehow, it’s been more than four years since Parks and Recreation aired its final episode, and, quite frankly, the world is a worse off place without it. But while the Pawnee gang may have ridden off into the sunset, the spirits of Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, Tom, Donna, Gerry, April, Andy, and the rest carry on in the lives of others. Such is the case of engineer and seed investor Kane Hsieh, who recalled a lovely tribute to his dad on Father’s Day.

“This Father’s Day, I compiled the most on-brand anecdotes of my dad, who is basically an Asian Ron Swanson,” wrote @Kane, indicating the start of a thread.

Kane went on to describe his dad, who had been trained as a military scout and likes his meat, beer, whiskey, while distrusting politicians — which should tell you all you need to know going into this story.

“Growing up, we asked if we could get GPS for our cars,” he continued. “He insisted we learn to use paper maps and memorize routes without making marks. Why? If you’re ever captured, you don’t want evidence of your plans.” Uh, fair point?

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