Redditors Describe The Grossest Thing They’ve Seen On A Body, And You Are Not Prepared For This


The Ask Reddit threads rarely fail to deliver, and the site may have even topped itself with an organized inquiry of people who work with other people’s bodies. To be certain, some of the worst jobs in the world involve handling other people’s bodies. Morticians, doctors, and nurses all see some sh*t on a regular basis. One has to be truly dedicated to the art of helping people to work in the medical field, especially when it comes to nurses and nurse techs, who aren’t obviously paid as well as surgeons and the like.

Aestheticians, waxers, and body piercers may also eventually regret their choice of professions once they realize not all clientele “cleans up” as well as the next bunch. All of these jobs come to mind when dreaming up possibilities for gross-out potential at work. To put it simply, the human body can be revolting.

To be certain, no one thinks about the hairdressers. These beauty-school grads toil away on their feet, handle chemicals, and can eyeball your hygiene habits with one glance at your scalp. Let’s check out their input on this Reddit thread.

Massage therapists also have it pretty rough. Especially when cysts go rogue.

This x-ray tech keeps things simple and vivid. Gonna be hard to top this entry.

However, the nurses come in strong with their tales of woe. Nurses should be allowed to keep a tip jar at the ready, for they must be saints.

The thread contained surprisingly few contributions from dentists, but this will do nicely.

This story from a physical trainer qualifies through the sheer unexpected factor.

Please clean your belly buttons before heading in for a medical procedure. Seriously, it’s an easy, accessible job.

The most appropriate reaction to all of these stories? “Thank you for your service.”

(via Ask Reddit)