At Least One Thing About The Ender’s Game Movie Will Be Good — Hailee Stanfield Hired to Play Petra Arkanian

I thought Hailee Stanfield was great in True Grit — it was her first major role and she was thrown into the mix with the likes of Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin and managed to be the most magnetic presence on screen. That’s impressive. That said, I wasn’t filled with hope for her future. She didn’t exactly have the look Hollywood likes. I foresaw a lot of roles in unseen independent movies and as the best friend in romantic comedies.

Thankfully it seems like I was wrong, as Stanfield has been cast as Petra Arkanian in the upcoming Ender’s Game movie. It may not be a lead role, but if the film series continues beyond the first book this could become a regular lucrative role for Stanfield in the vein of Emma Watson being paid millions to show up and not do much for each Harry Potter movie.

Then again, I’m probably getting ahead of myself — the Ender’s Game movie is being directed by Gavin Hood, the man behind X-Men Origins: Wolverine. There’s a pretty good chance this potential franchise isn’t going to make it past a single entry.

via Slashfilm