At Least One Stray Yeti Is Wandering The Snowy Streets Of Boston

Bad weather tends to bring out the weird in people, and in Boston, an unidentified person was spotted walking through the blizzard, dressed up in a full-body yeti costume.

At least one yeti was spotted wandering around the city in the midst of the storm, though there might possibly be more than one prankster in play. It was spotted in Copley Square as well as Somerville, and the costume makes it rather difficult to identify if it is the same person underneath.

New England Cable News reporter Tony Sabato tweeted a photo of the not-so-elusive creature. Above a snapshot of the yeti looking rather pensive, he wrote, “Found the yeti in the blizzard at Copley Square in Boston.”

Whoever this man or woman is under the costume, these pictures are providing some good comic relief for the East Coast through some really awful weather. The mysterious Sasquatch or Sasquatches (Sasquai?) is responsible for making Winter Storm Juno a little less abominable.

Source: WPTV