At Least We Still Have Ron Swanson And This Amazing Swanson Moustair Gif, You Guys!

Like many denizens of the internet, I’ve spent a good part of the day literally feeling kind of empty over the news that NBC is putting Community on the shelf. And while it is comforting to know that a minor uprising appears to be taking hold, I’m most comforted by the fact that Parks and Recreation is, at least for now, safe — because if NBC would have also pulled it from its Thursday night lineup, I might just have had to fly to California to personally take a dump in Whitney Cummings’ favorite shoes, as everyone knows that this is ALL her fault.

So we should count our blessings that Ron Swanson and the rest of the gang in Pawnee live on. If you need a reminder of how awesome that is, just take a gander at the glorious “Moustair”-inspired Swanson gif above. It just goes on and on and on and on. Long live Parks and Rec. Long live Ron Swanson. And if there’s one thing we should learn from this Community debacle, it’s to not it and him for granted. Tell your friends. DVR the show even if you watch it live. OR ELSE!

(Gif via Tall Whitney)