Aubrey Plaza Is Basically April Ludgate

Let’s just get this out of the way: I’ve got a massive crush on Aubrey Plaza. Shocking, right? I mean, look at her. Who’d ever love that slightly above average-looking lady?

It doesn’t hurt that Plaza’s character on Parks and Recreation, April Ludgate, is arguably my favorite — I go back and forth between April and her loveable goofball husband, Andy Dwyer. But before seeing her on Letterman last night, I don’t recall ever seeing an interview with Plaza, and watching her I was struck by how she is basically April Ludgate in real life. Same deadpan, exceedingly dry delivery. Same stiffish body language. Same sh*t-eating grin. Same well-timed semi-eyeroll. You also get the feeling watching her that she’s always up to something, that she’s plotting something devious in her head all the time, just like April. I’M IN LURVE! I would so be her real-life Andy Dwyer.

In the clip below she discusses one of the many crap jobs she found on Craigslist prior to being cast on the show so she could survive in New York — dressing up as some British cartoon character at a party, where she took a photo with human exhaust pipe Donald Trump. In what I felt was the most interesting part of the interview, Plaza discussed having a stroke at 20 while hanging out with some friends in Queens. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find an embeddable clip of that portion of the interview yet, but if i do I’ll add it later. Anyway, here she is discussing her encounter with Trump in a cartoon character costume.

And here’s the full interview which finally emerged…

Additionally, David Arquette was on Letterman last night as well and was his normal, completely manic self. I’ve never been able to determine if he’d be the most fun guy in the world to hang out with, or the most annoying, but I got the feeling a couple of times that Letterman just wanted to slap him while Arquette was in the middle of one of his many giggle fits. Here he is discussing being on Dancing With The Stars with Rob Kardashian…