Nothing To See Here, Just A Guy in Australia Going For A Swim With His Pet Snake And A Beer

The above scene was captured by an Australian musician who goes by Indiana Bones on Instagram at Tallebudgera Creek, a popular swimming spot on Australia’s Gold Coast. In it, a random guy is seen taking a leisurely swim with his pet snake while drinking a beer like it’s the most normal thing in the entire goddamn world. In the short clip the man can be seen throwing his snake in the air (which repeatedly swims back to him), before picking it up out of the water and giving it a smooch on the face.

You’d think most people in Australia wouldn’t think much of a drunk guy going for a swim with his giant snake (believed to be a carpet python, a rather docile breed) in a crowded swimming area with kids around, but surprisingly many of the parents weren’t on board, as Bones later recalled.

“There was definitely a split down the middle. There was a lot of families down at Telly. The kids were intrigued and excited that this guy had a pet snake but the parents were not impressed.”

“There was one woman screaming the whole time to get out of the water,” Bones laughed. “He approached us. He came over and showed us his pet snake. He seemed like a pretty social guy,” Bones added.

It’s worth pointing out that the sentence “he came over and showed us his snake” doesn’t usually doesn’t end anywhere near as well as this story did. Congrats internet, we did it! We’ve reached peak Australia. For real this time.

(Via Yahoo! News AU)