A Massive Seal Invaded The Australian Suburbs And Made Himself At Home

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Boxing Day is usually spent relaxing after Christmas, spending some last lazy moments with your family, and enjoying Christmas gifts. But for one family in Australia it was spent wondering how in the world a massive seal came to be sitting on their car and what exactly they were supposed to do about it. The seal, reportedly weighing more than 400 pounds, somehow wandered into the suburbs of Tasmania more than 50 miles from the closest beach. He made himself comfortable on the hood of an unsuspecting family’s Toyota and apparently stayed there for a good amount of time while they hid inside and called the Parks and Wildlife department to come around and take care of things.

One of the occupants of the home said about the situation,

“We got up and there was this great big seal on the roof of the car which is definitely not what you’d expect on Boxing Day. You kind of wake up and you wonder, is this really happening, am I really seeing this or am I still dreaming?”

The seal was adorably nicknamed “Lou-Seal” (no points for originality but you can’t ignore the wordplay when it’s sitting right there) and eventually taken away from the neighborhood by wildlife professionals. He will be released back into the wild at a local beach, but not before he was able to cause a few thousand dollars in damages to the car and property. The seal did take a nap in the back yard before he was tranquilized, which seems well-deserved after all of the adorable mayhem he caused.

(via ABC Australia)

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