A Drunk Australian Ate A Glass Bottle At A Family Gathering, Then Napped It Off

A 38-year-old man just raised the bar for stupid party tricks, as he chewed up and swallowed an entire glass beer bottle (with the label and all). After maybe receiving some high-fives – or most likely, looks of absolute horror – from witnesses, he wandered off and put himself to bed, feeling a bit of discomfort.

Superintendent Louise Jorgensen told Australia’s Northern Territory News that paramedics showed up at home in Wagaman, a suburb of Darwin in Northern Darwin Territory, just after 9 p.m on Wednesday, “where a family gathering was taking place.” According to the NTN:

It became apparent the 38-year-old had chewed and swallowed the glass bottle and then turned in for the night.

“His family then called police and St John, and he was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital,” Supt Jorgensen said.

She said the idiotic case, and others like it, frustrate police and waste precious resources.

When Jorgensen mentions “precious resources,” I thought, “Is there a glass shortage in Northern Australia?” But she’s really referring to the overworked responders, police and paramedics, as this alarming call was one of more than 500 calls made to police between 3 and 11 p.m. that day.

Jorgensen said responding to reports of stupidity frustrates police and stretches an already stretched general duties division.

I’m not sure what family gatherings are normally like in Australia (I sort of imagine them like ours, but with way cooler accents and kangaroos instead of golden retrievers) but I’m going to guess this was a little out of the norm. Also, don’t most of us tone down partying once we get beyond our 20s? This guy’s 38 and still raging by eating glass in front of his entire family – that’s a whole new level of no f*cks given. I hope he feels better soon and drinks out of plastic cups next time.

(Via Northern Territory News)

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