This Is Why You Never Anger An Australian With A Monster Truck

monster truck

Australia, a land long known for its giant spiders and other animals whose entire existence is centered around trying to kill you, has one more giant predator you should be worried about. That monster you should worry about? It’s a truck.

Mashable reports that 29-year-old Robert Turner has been identified as the man responsible for crushing an enemy’s car with his monster machine because the two were “love rivals.” You know what, though? Turner couldn’t give a crap about any of that because he updated his facebook after his arrest, posting “oh well life gose on lol” and telling his friends “bye bye.”

This sounds bad enough already, but what’s worse is that Turner was also dinged for not having his learner’s plates out. What? This guy was just learning? Guess his enemies (his ex and his ex best friend due to a love triangle) will know not to mess with him anymore.

(via Mashable)