An Auto-Correct ‘Freudian Slip’ Is The Latest Source Of Embarrassment For The Kardashians

Well, this is embarrassing for the Kardashians. This week, it was discovered that due to the latest Apple iOS software update, your phone will now attempt to auto-correct the word “lardass” to “Kardashian.” No, really. Try it right now. Or if you don’t own an iPhone, The Daily Mail has provided this helpful GIF:

Now the only thing left people are wondering is whether or not this was the work of some mischievous nerd at Apple, or if it’s just a genuine by-product of the auto-correct algorithm. Given that the second through fifth letters in both words are identical (not to mention that the “K” and the “L” are right next to each other on the keyboard), I’m going to chalk this up as coincidence. A hilarious, hilarious coincidence.

As such, Twitter has been having an absolute field day with the slip-up, and here are just a few of many delighted users:

(Via Daily Mail)