‘The Avengers’ With Pugs Is The Spinoff Series We’ve All Been Clamoring For

When somebody uploads a video of pugs cosplaying as members of The Avengers, you know we’ve got to drop every other story we were planning to cover and jump all over this squeeworthy goodness. Avengers Pugs are Earth’s newest mightiest heroes, wheezing their way to victory over evil and non-cuteness. We defy you to try to be sad while looking at these adorable GIFS.

The full video is below, and yeah, it’s as cute as it looks. Additionally, when the pugs are wheezing around the shawarma table, one of the little guys on the end is named Loki. What a flub. Jeez, pug wranglers, get it together. Loki wasn’t even in that scene.

[Hat tip and glorious but burdensome purpose to Vulture and Afternoon Snooze Button]