Awesome Audience Guy Quickly Becoming A Meme

Something amazing happened during The Saturday Night Show hosted by Brendan O’Connor, which marks the first time anything amazing has happened on that show. During an interview with Marcia Cross airing on RTÉ One (Ireland’s public television), an audience member noticed he was on camera and reacted so smoothly he’s bound to become a meme.

Someone who was willingly viewing the show (we won’t question his motives, but geez, man) uploaded these 20 seconds of perfection and posted it at Reddit this weekend. Mashups and .gifs quickly followed. Our favorite examples of this Irish rogue having perfect timing like a boss are collected below.

The original video:

Of course there’s a Magnum P.I. remix:

UK represent:

And why not some .gifs and an image macro?

Damn, he’s smooth.

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