Awesome Dad Plays Oprah: ‘Backyard Roller Coasters For Everyone!’

As Uproxx’s resident roller coaster/theme park/karaoke geek (Do you realize how hard it is to find a story that hits all three?), I had to cover this. I think when we were kids, each and every one of us secretly hoped that their parents/guardians/neighborhood hobos would build an awesome backyard roller coaster for them. But unless this guy is your dad, that never happened. Sure, your dad may do cool things like photoshop you onto album covers, sell his collectibles to pay for your wedding, draw a superhero comic for your lunch box every day, or hack video games to let you know that girls can be heroes. Those are extremely cool dads. But backyard roller coaster dad is one of a kind.

Until now, that is. The last roller coaster dad was pretty awesome, but Will Pemble, the new roller coaster dad, is just as cool. He and his son Lyle (but mostly Will) are building a roller coaster in their backyard. Will put up a website called CoasterDad, and regularly updates it with videos on their progress. Their backyard roller coaster actually seemed to be finished at one point, but Pemble decided to lengthen the track and add improvements. He’s building a whole new cart to ride on the track, with a pedal mechanism to get up the lift hill. Here’s a video of the coaster before the remodel. The ride begins at 2:04, if the video doesn’t start there.


In case that doesn’t get him enough cool points, Pemble and his son are also building a backyard roller coaster for his friend’s son. You know, because giving his own child the incredible gift of a private roller coaster didn’t bring him enough joy. He had to start spreading the joy to all the other kids he knows. What a selfish prick! Seriously, he makes me sick. He’s out to make every other dad in the world look like a lazy jerk. Now, when I have kids, I’m going to get pressured into building one of these. But knowing me, I’ll lose interest halfway through, and wind up building a real life version of one of those unfinished Roller Coaster Tycoon rides.

Via Technabob